Our staff is working full-time to help you realize maximum Incentives on every house you build, so your team doesn't have to. You receive the Incentives without the cumbersome reporting requirements and collection hassles.

Our program is not just about the Incentives. Builder Partnerships helps explore ways in which our members work with manufacturers to add real value to the builder's organization, and increase both profits and customer satisfaction. Some of the other programs include:

Builder Partnerships negotiates with manufacturers at the national level, specifically targeting the ones that you work with. We will do the filing, and track and administer the program through the website using our comprehensive database; this will allow us to provide you with in-depth reporting on Incentives dollars earned, product usage and qualifying product options that could work in your community. We promise to take advantage of even the small Incentives, to get you the maximum returns possible.

Aggressive implementation of the Builder Partnerships program could result in high returns:

Manufacturer Incentives