Builder Access Spring 2017

15, Jun 2017

This issue of the newsletter focuses on giving manufacturers the tools they need to successfully sell to the growing home builder market. It also reports on the growing volume of home submissions and builder conversions.
  • First-Quarter Manufacturer Update

    Builder Participation, Submissions Continue to ClimbHome Submissions Unique home submissions increased by 47.3 percent in Q1 2017 vs. Q1 2016. Overall, unique home submissions increased by 46 percent over the last rolling 12-month period. The positive growth has been driven by the continued growth in the overall builder membership, as well as growth in the industry overall. As compared to Q1 '16, 18.8 percent more builders submitted for programs ...

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  • 6 Ways to Become Invaluable to Builder Customers

    By Matt CollinsBuilder Partnerships Senior ConsultantIn any product segment, only one company can be the cheapest. You don’t want to be that company. Suppliers with nothing to offer but the lowest price will lose their customers as soon as another company finds a way to shave a fraction of a percentage. It’s far better to differentiate by being the company that offers the most valuable relationship. In a competitive market like the on...

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  • Welcome to Sue Graham!

    Builder Partnerships is happy to welcome Sue Graham to our team as manufacturer relationship manager. If you haven't had the pleasure of talking to Sue yet, we know you will enjoy working with her! Sue's primary role is work with manufacturer sales teams, educating them on the benefits of our program and helping them to reach more builders to sell their products. Sue comes to us from a long career in leadership, consulting, and relationship mana...

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  • Does Your Sales Team Have the Tools to Sell to Builders?

    By Stephen Crouch, Vice President of Operations For the first time in nearly a decade, it is good to be in the residential new construction business again! Challenges exists in certain segments of the industry, but for the most part, manufacturers see home builders as a growth opportunity over the span of their three- to five-year planning cycles. This is especially evident by the attention many manufacturers have given to the home building indu...

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