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23, Aug 2019

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  • The Three Biggest Hidden Insurance Liabilities for Home Builders

    By Danny SchayesDirector of Business Optimization, TrustLayer Inc.Building homes is a complex and risk-heavy operation. It takes tons of materials, dozens of different specialized trades, and tremendous logistics to close a property. To manage the many hidden risks, insurance is a necessary tool. While purchasing every required type of insurance coverage can effectively reduce risk on a build, poor insurance compliance execution can lead to disas...

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  • New Construction: An Ideal Time for Builders to Install Backup Power

    The new home construction process is the easiest and most affordable time to install a Generac standby generator. When it’s installed during the wiring of the house, it allows the homeowner to save substantially on installation costs. Add these savings together with financing options and the ability to roll costs into the mortgage, and new home construction becomes the ideal time for home owners to find value in a standby generator. Partner...

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  • Understand the True Value of Builder Incentives

    Are you getting the most from your relationships in the home building market? Although often times considered a 'necessary evil' by both builders and manufacturers, rebates and incentives are frequently offered and provide a great benefit in home building. In this webinar, join us to take an inside look at how and why rebates and incentives are offered. This webinar will give you a better understanding of the role that incentives play in building...

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  • Accurate Estimating = Cost Control, September 17-18, 2019 in Cincinnati, OH

    How to Improve Profitability with More Accurate and Effective Estimating With an emphasis on integration with purchasing and job costing and generating material takeoffs, this seminar is designed to help you improve profitability through more accurate and effective estimating. Focusing on both manual and electronic estimating techniques, our goal is to provide a wide range of tools that you can use to realize immediate results. Topics Effectively...

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  • 2018 Financial and Operations Study: Results Closely Mirror Previous Year

    By Emma Shinn, CPAChief Financial Officer, Shinn Builder PartnershipsIn the 26 years we have conducted the financial study, we have accumulated a landmark historical record of home building companies’ financial and operational performance: the challenges, the changes, the adjustments, the improvements, the victories, the defeats, and the comebacks. It has been a privilege to have gained your trust to allow me access to the most sensitive in...

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  • The Superintendent's Job: Front Line Manager, September 19-21, 2019 in Cincinnati, OH

    Improve Job Site Management Techniques to Increase Profitability and Customer SatisfactionThe Superintendent’s Job: Front Line Manager seminar is designed as an interactive experience to help your team improve job site management techniques. This specialized training provides the necessary tools to increase overall profitability and customer satisfaction through a strong focus on building the house right the first time: on quality, on budge...

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  • Top 6 Reasons Builders Bleed Variance

    View PresentationJoin Alexander Zbik from ECi MarkSystems and Ed Hauck from Builder Partnerships as they unpack the top 6 reasons homebuilders are currently bleeding profits in the form of variance and what you can do to stop it.

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