We do not have any Q4 submissions and at this time we don’t anticipate any submission in the near future. 

I know this sounds crazy especially with how well the market is performing.  The reason is, last year my partner and I decided to take advantage of the exuberant market and sold all our undeveloped holdings and completed build-out of our existing communities.  We are now effectively on the sidelines.  For a little background, we started our company in 2009 and were able to take advantage of the down turn via land/lot purchases.  We then went on to complete the vertical construction on multiple communities along the Front Range.  As you might suspect, the market treated us well.    

We would like to thank you and Chuck for your help along the way.  Your webcast, monthly letters and the rebate program were of great help and provided direction, inspiration and a little extra cash flow.

I would like to reiterate, we are on the sidelines so don’t write us off just yet.


Thanks again,


Dan Wenzinger

Triton Communities

I appreciate it so much Christie. Your detailed Info

Gives us great information of the products that we are using and giving back to us as well !

Rose Heckman

David James Homes

Matt and Ed – Thank you very much for providing an engaging (Superintendent's Job) conference for our construction team.  I believe you have motivated our teams immensely!   Thanks again gentlemen!  It was a pleasure seeing you again!  We all look forward to working with you all.

Stephanie Miller

Keystone Group, Inc.

You have made more money for more builders than anyone in this organization (NAHB). All they have to do is pay attention to you.

-visitor at BP booth at 2018 IBS

Dear Shinn Group & BP,

What a privilege it has been for me to know Emma and Chuck Shinn and their affiliates. Their lives, their wisdom, their tender hearts for the needs of this industry, and optimism have been an inspiration beyond anything I can express--so thanks for caring and sharing.

Bill Lee

Sabal Homes of Florida

I attended the Art of Purchasing Seminar last week (awesome!). I got more out of that class than any other continuing professional education (CPE) courses I have taken in the past. -Mike Stevens, CPA, Director of Purchasing

(Received permission from Mike to use this testimonial in our promo materials. LP)

Mike Stevens

Level Homes

I was glad to take part in this (Art of Purchasing) seminar and learn so much that will be helpful both for my work and for our company.  Thanks also to Chuck, Ed, Matt, all the Builder Partnerships team, and the trade partner sponsors for your hospitality last week.  You provided a good forum for us to meet other builders, get to know one another, and share our successes, challenges, and ideas.

Jeff Korman

Gonyea Homes

We are actively working on 2 initiatives I took away from our week together (at the 2018 Executive Summit).  You can count me in for next years event

Don Chesney

Arbor Homes

An attendee from Drees Homes shared the following successes after attending the Advanced Purchasing seminar: 

Solidified a division deal with (a bath product manufacturer)
Re-negotiated better trim labor cost
Re-negotiated better roofing material cost
I do not believe I would have come out as successful had I not attended your Advanced Purchasing seminar.  Thank you

Drees Homes

I am absolutely thrilled that we decided to do this (The Superintendent's Job seminar).  You guys are very impressive.  I am going to learn more than I could imagine, and it will transform our business. I can’t wait for Managing for Profit!

Josh Juffe

TriCorner Homes

Wow. What a great first Builder Partnerships (Builder Group) meeting we had. I wanted to thank you for the outstanding information and your passion to help make Elliott Homes a great builder. I'm grateful for your knowledge and glad to be a part of it.

Brandon Elliott


Thank you All so much for your hospitality and grace extended to both Terry and myself during our meeting with you yesterday in beautiful Littleton, CO.

We learned a lot and came away very energized by our visit and discussion.

Putting together a stronger program for BuilderPartnerships is our next step and look forward to sharing it with Stephen for his help and guidance.

Keep up the good work you are doing at BP and we’ll see you soon.


Best Wishes


Dave Sliney



Mobile: (410) 300-4162


Always Creating. Always Timeless. Always Amerock

David Sliney


I felt the reception was very good and informative for the builders.  I felt that they did learn something about the types and availabilities of different products which are available to them which would  enhance their curb appeal on their homes.  Hopefully, they will participate, learn more and make the right decisions.


Also, the give outs were fun and enjoyable and allowed it to end on a good note.  Great stuff.


Your support is greatly appreciated by me and all of employees throughout the US making the garage door and electric garage door openers products for the builders.




PS:  Thank Mr. Shinn for supporting our products at both this event and at the other events.  We are not a very large dollar portion of the home but, we are certainly one of the more visible appliances of the home which can contribute to the increase appraised value and success of the builder.



Best Regards,


Rick Mazzanti

Builder Sales Manager, Residential National Accounts

Genie Company |Overhead Door Corp. |Wayne Dalton

Rick Mazzanti

Wayne Dalton

Chuck and Emma,

Thank you so much for the recognition. All of us at Eastbrook are honored to receive it. I still remember my first time meeting Lee at an IBS meeting. The next time I met him was at one of his “How to Get Organized in One Week” sessions. I believe that week was also the beginning of a great relationship with both of you, and our relationship is one that I still cherish. I rate that entire week spent in Colorado in the early 1980’s as the best thing I ever did to begin to put actual numbers and goals to how we should run our business.

Up until the point that we learned how to properly use metrics to measure our performance, it was more of an “any road will get you there” approach as we had no real idea of where “there” even was. Truthfully, we had no true target; no goal we were aiming for. Without these goal metrics to aim for, we really had no idea what constituted a well-run building company. I quickly discovered we had a lot to learn and a long way to go to actually achieve the goal metrics that Lee’s program so clearly defined. We became driven to run our company in an organized and profitable way, and to strive toward the clear goals that we now had. My only complaint is that over the years you keep pushing the goal line a little farther out!! Truthfully, I am quite thankful for that. We have been blessed to have been able to achieve many of the targets. What is interesting is that as building companies we never truly arrive. It’s a constant work in progress. While we have indeed come a long way since the early 1980’s, we still believe that there are many improvements that can be made.

We are thankful, as a company, for the peer groups that the two of you have coordinated.  As we compare ourselves to so many other great companies, we constantly find more ways to improve than ways we might excel. While we believe we are a contributor to the group, we believe we get more out of them than we put in. I suppose that is the beauty of these groups. With so many great members there are endless opportunities to learn from them.  The discipline that comes from committing to meeting with your peers and the humility that comes from not measuring up is honestly quite a motivator to improve. In every one of those groups, I have always been impressed with the attitude of helpfulness that comes from our peer group members. We can’t thank you enough for being the vehicle that makes these wonderfully beneficial groups possible.

Again, thank you for this award. I wish we were going to be in Breckenridge to receive it, but it just isn’t feasible given all of the other demands currently upon our operation. I will see you in Naples just mere weeks from now,  and I truly look forward to thanking you personally.

Kind Regards,

Mick McGraw

Mick McGraw

Eastbrook Homes

Thank you and Chuck…. And of course Emma jane J)))……. For an exceptional experience. Your Executive Summit was amazing. I know everyone is delighted to have your Summit back. Congratulations!

And, thank you for including me in your program line-up. I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing group of professionals …. And friends.

I think the world of “you guys”…. And treasure our relationship.

Take care….. many hugs always,


Lita Dirks

Lita Dirks & Co

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