Icynene-Lapolla Introduces No-Mix Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

07, Mar 2019

Icynene-Lapolla has announced its first-ever no-mix polyurethane spray foam insulation, Icynene OC No Mix. The formula designed to provide long-term energy efficient-performance and cost savings for home and building owners, as well as time and cost advantages for contractors, as it does not need to be mixed on-site.

The formula is suitable for use in both residential and commercial applications. It is recommended for use in a structure’s critical insulation areas, including cavity walls, crawl spaces and attics, and floor, ceiling, and interior roof assemblies. It creates a continuous air barrier once applied, according to the manufacturer, and serves to reduce heat transfer and unmanaged moisture. These characteristics provide for indoor air quality and temperature levels, as well as noise attenuation and reduced energy demands.

“The energy savings and application ease of Icynene

OC No-Mix provide attractive advantages to both the contractor and the property owner,” says Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Icynene-Lapolla. “As the first no-mix spray foam solution to join the Icynene product line, we believe demand for this insulation will be high for use in new and retrofit home and commercial applications.”


The Icynene OC No-Mix formula is professionally-installed, and may be used in any climate zones and applied across a wide range of temperatures. It firmly adheres to framing and substrates, and may be used to fill the gaps in stud wall construction.

The formula requires no additional ignition barrier in attic and crawlspace applications, in accordance with the AC 377 End Use Configuration Criteria. It is also approved for use in multiple fire rated applications, and complies with Florida FBC 2017 building code energy requirements and IBC, IRC, and IECC 2018, 2015 and 2012 requirements.

Icynene-Lapolla Introduces No-Mix Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

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