High-Performance Home Challenges

20, Dec 2017

Double stud wall frame for a Thrive Home Builders project under construction in Stapleton, Co.

The building community is walking the green line between getting paid  respectable premium and giving value away

Elaborating on the difficulty of marketing sustainable houses to prospects, one Colorado custom home builder writes: "Once I was a super-strong advocate for green. Now I focus on what the buyers want, which is to come to a reasonable level of energy-saving components.

A common response in Professional Builder’s High-Performance Home survey was that consumers aren’t willing to pay extra for energy-efficient, eco-friendly features: “Too much bad marketing out there,” wrote a California production home builder. “When you really do step up and build an efficient, certified home, you’re compared to your competition who [are] marketing ‘green high performance,’ which turns out to be nothing more than minimum code requirements that everyone already does. Unless you have a savvy buyer that really understands the specifications and the impact of your specification/inspection choices, we’re forced to give that value away at no cost.”


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High-Performance Home Challenges

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