The Knowledge You Need When You Need It To Enhance Your Performance And Sales.

Gather reliable targeted market data for your products, and competitors

Through our database, we generate reports that are useful in analyzing market penetration for your products, as well as for understanding the total market share that your organization holds among the builder members.

Get market feedback from the product specifiers and users - your buyers

The program helps you identify areas of buyer resistance and obstacles to improved market penetration. We can assist in selecting builder participants and organizing logistics to run focus groups for new product and marketing initiatives.

Utilize our ReadyKnowledge: training, on-demand webinars, workshops, books, publications, whitepaper, checklists, Monthly Journal, Quarterly Private Briefings, and access to Homebuilder University to help you give your expanding staff the knowledge they need to perform at their best.

Our goal is to promote a deeper relationship to benefit all parties through direct interaction, information sharing and education.

Monica Wheaton, CEO